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July: Trackdays & Turbo Racing Cup

18 July 2018

All auto trackdays and amateur championship in our July schedule.

July 20-21 and 28-29 are planned for three trackdays at Grand Prix track. Tickets for 15 min sessions are available at our website and at the circuit boxoffice.

On July 28th, right after the end of a standard trackday we'll have a round of Turbo Racing Cup, amateur championship. Tickets for participants are available at the circuit.

Trackdays & Turbo Racing Cup Timetable

Saturday, July 20
9am-12pm Open Pitlane. Tickets are available at the circuit ONLY
12pm-8pm Trackday

Sunday, July 21
10am-8pm Trackday

Saturday, July 28
10am-5pm Trackday
2pm-5.30 TRC check-in
4.45pm-5pm TRC briefing
5.30pm-9pm Turbo Racing Cup: time attack
9.15pm-9.30pm TRC Award ceremony

Sunday, July 29
10am-8pm Trackday

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