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MCGP: Timetable

15 July 2018


MCGP, Sunday, July 22

10am-10.15am Formula: Qualifying
10.20am-10.35am Zhiguli, Touring: Qualifying
10.40am-10.55am Volga, Moskvitch, Standard: Qualifying
11.00am-11.20am Formula: Qualifying
11.25am-11.45am Zhiguli, Touring: Qualifying
11.50am-12.10pm Volga, Moskvitch, Standard: Qualifying
12.15pm-12.40pm Time attack: Free practice
12.45pm-1.25pm Formula: Race 1
1.30pm-2.10pm Zhiguli, Touring: Race 1
2.15pm-2.55pm Volga, Moskvitch, Standard: Race 1
3pm-3.25pm Time attack: Race 1
3.30pm-4.10pm Formula: Race 2
4.15pm-4.55pm Zhiguli, Touring: Race 2
5pm-5.45pm Volga, Moskvitch, Standard: Race 2
5.50pm-6.20pm Time attack: Race 2
7.20pm MCGP Award ceremony (paddock)

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