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18 June 2019

TrackRaceDays at Moscow Raceway.

Bike Track days are schedulled for June 18-19 at the circuit. Every rider gets 2 hours at the track per day (six 20 min sessions). Tickets for riders are avalable at the orhanizers' website. Prices: 14.000 rubles for 1 day, 26.000 - 2 days. Entrance for general audience is free.

June 18-19: TrackRaceDaysTimetable

Tuesday, June 18
8.45am-8.55am Briefing
9am-4pm Track sessions
4.05pm-4.15pm Briefing
4.20pm-4.30pm TRD 2H Endurance Cup Race: Starting grid
4.30pm-6.30pm TRD 2H Endurance Cup: Race
6.30pm-6.40pm Podium ceremony
6.40pm-7.40pm Open pitlane

Wednesday, June 19
8.40am-8.55am Briefing
9am-1pm Track sessions
1pm-1.30pm Lanch break
1.05pm-1.15pm Briefing
1.30pm-3.50pm Track sessions
4pm-4.15pm TRD Supersport Open 600 Cup: Starting grid
4.15pm-4.45 TRD Supersport Open 600 Cup: Race
4.45pm-4.55pm Podium ceremony
4.55pm-5.10pm TRD BMW S1000RR & Open 1000 Cup: Starting grid
5.10pm-5.40pm TRD BMW S1000RR & Open 1000 Cup: Race
5.40pm-5.50pm Podium ceremony
6pm-7.30pm Open pitlane

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