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Moscow Classic Grand Prix: Preliminary Timetable

21 June 2019

June 29-30: Retrocars fest at Moscow Raceway.

Moscow Classic fest is scheduled for June 29-30 at the racetrack. The event includes a lot of racing (more than 150 participants) and a big show for all audeivces.


Moscow Classic Fest Preliminary Timetable: June 29-30

Saturday, June 29
1pm-1.20pm Formula: Qualifying 1
1.25pm-1.45pm Standard, Zhiguli: Qualifying 1
1.50pm-2.10pm Mix1, Mix2, Zhiguli+: Qualifying 1
2.15pm-2.45pm Kids rule: pedal cars race
2.50pm-3.10pm Volga, Moskvitch: Qualifying 1
3.15pm-3.35pm Formula: Qualifying 2
3.40pm-4pm Standard, Zhiguli: Qualifying 2
4.05pm-4.25pm Mix1, Mix2, Zhiguli+: Qualifying 2
4.30pm-4.50pm Kids rule: pedal cars race
4.55pm-5.15pm Mix1, Mix2, Zhiguli+: Qualifying 3
5.20pm-5.40pm Volga, Moskvitch: Qualifying 2
5.45pm-6.20pm Time attack: Race
6.30pm-7.10pm Auto parade

Sunday, June 30
9am-9.25am Time attack: Warm-up
9.30am-9.45am Formula: Warm-up
9.50am-10.05am Standard, Zhiguli: Warm-up
10.10am-10.25am Mix1, Mix2, Zhiguli+: Warm-up
10.30am-10.45am Volga, Moskvitch: Warm-up
10.50am-11.20am Grand Opening
11.30am-12.10pm Formula: Race 1
12.15pm-12.55pm Standard, Zhiguli: Race 1
1pm-1.40pm Mix1, Mix2, Zhiguli+: Race 1
1.45pm-2.25pm Volga, Moskvitch: Race 1
2.30pm-2.50pm Kids rule: pedal cars race
3pm-3.40pm Formula: Race 2
3.45pm-4.25pm Standard, Zhiguli: Race 2
4.30pm-4.50pm Kids rule: pedal cars race
5pm-5.40pm Mix1, Mix2, Zhiguli+: Race 2
5.45pm-6.25pm Volga, Moskvitch: Race 2
6.30pm-7pm Time attack: Finals
8pm Podium ceremony

Tickets are available at the website, as well as at the racetrack on the day of event. Price per ticket (for two days) is 550 rubles, “Family ticket” for two persons costs 800 rubles. Entrance for kids under 14 is free.

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