Moscow Raceway is one and yet only circuit in Russia homologated by FIA (Grade 1) and FIM (Grade B) and built to host any kind of motorsport events including Formula 1 and ENI FIM Superbike.

85 000 people visits the Grand Opening of the track in July 2013, enjoyed the World Series by Renault’s round and witnessed the beginning of a new era of Russian motorsport.

Thus and so Moscow Raceway hosts all international and country’s motorsport events in Russia and as a result claims audience and media attention.

The circuit gives full scope for business and delivers all range of comfort and fun thanks to a unique infrastructure, audience impressive numbers and Moscow Raceway’s stunning image.

During one season Moscow
Raceway welcomes over 50 brands
Comfortable VIP lounges for your business meetings
Moscow Raceway is an amazing communication platform for companies and brands sharing the same values

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