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RSBK Fest & Moto TrackDay: Timetable

17 July 2019

This weekend at Moscow Raceway


Tickets are available at our website and at the circuit boxoffice on July 21. Entrance for kids under 7 is free.


Saturday, July 20: Moto TrackDay
Grand Prix FIM track
10am-2pm TrackDay sessions
2pm-2.30pm Lunch break
2.30pm-2.50pm TrackDay sessions (Group D only)
2.55pm-3.15pm SBK, SBK EVO2, SBK EVO: Qualifying
3.20pm-7pm TrackDay sessions

Sunday, July 21: RSBK FEST
9.30am-9.50am SSP/ SSP EVO: Free practice
9.50am-10.10am SSTK 1000, SSTK600, STK 600, STK 1000: Free practice
10.10am-10.30am SO 600/1000: Free practice
10.30am-10.50am STK 400/Woman: Free practice
10.50am-11.10am SBK/SBK EVO/SBK EVO2: Free practice
11.10am-11.30am SSP/ SSP EVO: Qualifying
11.30am-11.50am SSTK 1000, SSTK600, STK 600, STK 1000: Qualifying
11.50am-12.10am Italia Cup: Qualifying
12.10pm-12.30 pm SO 600/1000: Qualifying
12.30pm-12.50pm STK 400/Woman: Qualifying
12.50pm-1.10pm XBikes: Qualifying
1.10pm-1.40pm Italia Cup: Race
1.40pm-2.10pm Pitlane Walk
1.55pm-2.10pm RSBK round Grand Opening

2.15pm-3.05pm SBK/SBK EVO/SBK EVO2: Race 1
3.05pm-4pm SSP/ SSP EVO: Race
4pm-4.45pm SSTK 1000, SSTK600, STK 600, STK 1000: Race
4.45pm-5.45pm SBK/SBK EVO/SBK EVO2: Race 2
5.45pm-6.20pm SO 600/1000: Race
6.20pm-7pm STK 400/Woman: Race
7pm-7.40pm XBikes: Race

7.45pm-7.55pm Fun Ride

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