Partnership and advertising

Hi-tech technologies

Moscow Raceway is an excellent communication platform for companies and brands with similar values.

That’s why Moscow Raceway is open for a dialogue whether you represent an international holding or a private company in Russia.

Cooperation efficiency is provided by the numbers and qualities of the target audience and unique image of Moscow Raceway as a communication platform.

Media coverage is guaranteed by TV broadcasting and huge interest to this new sport arena engaged by Moscow Raceway’s PR & marketing programs, promoters’ promo and permanent media partners’ support.


Moscow Raceway is proud to introduce its partners.

The German auto company, premium cars manufacture was founded in 1886.

Annual partnership

Long term partnership is one of the best ways to present company & brands at the race track and media.

Long term partnership presumes visual branding and Moscow Raceway’s brand usage as a marketing platform in any commercial programs (including souvenirs, promo packs or TV spots), special terms for VIP and sport infrastructure’s usage, other benefits.

Please contact our Commercial Department for details:

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