Long distance races


Russian Endurance Challenge is a set of competitions of endurance, both for pilots and the machines: the race between cars of different classes will last for 4 hours.

The "Endurance" races have been popular all over the world for many decades. Not only professional drivers can participate in these races, but also amateurs, so-called "gentlemen drivers". There is something refined and noble in these races, as in the races, which were held in the ’30-s on the legendary European routes: beautiful cars and people, who were enthusiastic about technology.

The interest in the Endurance Competition in Russia is rapidly growing. More and more Russian pilots participate in foreign series, and the interest of viewers is constantly increasing. So, it's time to conduct our own tests of endurance at one of the finest motordrome of the country - Moscow Raceway.

The first four-hour Moscow Raceway Endurance was on the 24th October 2015. The history of Russian Endurance Challenge continues in 2017 with the new challenges. Many cars of different classes will participate in races and will fight for victory on an equal footing: professionals and amateurs.